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Power to Shift Your World

The Forward Thinking Pro Portfolio helps you shift from the inside-out to more modern ways of living and working. Make the invisible more visible and the immeasurable more tangible.

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    “The catch phrase of creating and exploring the ’space beyond boundaries’ encapsulates your overall intention brilliantly. There is so much value in these prompts, especially for developing reflective thought practices to help us make and lead more purposeful, positive change in the world.”

    Michelle Bondesio

    Growth Sessions Founder, Coach & Consultant


    "I am indebted to you for sharing your crystallized thoughts and the process behind them – it is brilliantly useful and relevant, even urgent. While folks like me continue to be appalled by the wastage of the human spirit, especially in the working world, you have figured a way to originate knowledge and inspire answers, action to address this. Kudos!"
    Sharath Jarugumilli, Analytics Leader
    "This book will help you discover the space beyond your boundaries by reprogramming and unbounding your subconscious."
    — John Ryskowski, Transformational Leader

    What's it all about?

    Forward Thinking Pro Portfolio includes over 150 designs organized into six themes:

    • Forward Thinking (32 designs)
    • Awareness (33 designs)
    • Journey (17 designs)
    • Leadership (30 designs)
    • Mind (27 designs)
    • Dialogue (12 designs)

    The book is available for purchase and immediate download at our Online Store or on Amazon for the Kindle.

    "I find the visualization of actual jobs, tasks, ways of organizing, and the kind of human leadership we seek critical in building the intuition necessary. Paying attention, pausing, probing, paraphrasing, and putting new ideas forward are some of the critical behaviors that will carry us forward into the kind of tender experiences we want to hold and become a part of in the future of work. A heartfelt congratulations to Bill on carrying the flag forward."
    — Sesil Pir, I/O Psychologist, HR Executive
    "Dear Bill Fox, what a masterpiece you created! So much wisdom on every page! A must read on the path of personal development. I will be happy to share it."
    — Wolf Fiebig, Facilitator & Coach